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The Family Mahone

Chesire’s foremost drinking band originated, strangely enough in a pub. For it was in the George and Dragon, Great Budworth in1997 that DJ Mahone (vocals/drums) met Big Donal Mahone (guitar). DJ, also known by his stage name Mark Radcliffe, was a disc jokey by day, and so didn’t get out much or have many friends. Donal, not being choosy who he hung about with and unable to go home thanks to the restraining order, took pity on the lonely wretch and a relationship was forged. (But not like you’re thinking).
However they soon realised that to bring to life the epic raggle-taggle sound they had in their heads, they would need some help. That’s to say people who could actually play pretty well. The search goes on to this day. In the meantime Christy Mahone (mandolin) and Doc Mahone (fiddle/banjo) were offered a bit of the old Bishop’s Finger (but not in the way you’re thinking) and, being flakes and turncoats, deserted their old band Full House to join the growing Mahone throng.
Rusty Mahone (accordion) was added to the musical melange when he was discovered curled up, dormouse-like, in the leather posing pouch of Jock Mahone (LDV minibus). The final piece of the jigsaw fell into place when wealthy gentleman farmer The Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Mahone (bass) threatened to evict the rest of the Mahones from their tired Cottages on his estate unless he could join the group and share the free beer.

The Family Mahone have now release three albums of original drinking songs: Songs of the Back Bar (1999), On the Razzle (2002) and Mahone Brew (2006). They have also plied their evil drinking song trade up and down the country including appearances at the Cambridge Folk Festival, Cropredy Festival, Loopallu, Shepherd’s Bush Empire, Manchester Academy and just about every pub, club, toilet and opium den within striking distance of Chester."

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